Here's what is included in an American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) Home Inspection:

  • Poor Foundation Stability, Faulty Carpentry, Water Drainage Issues and more can be found by a Home InspectorStructure - From foundation to roof. Includes crawlspace and attic inspections. The roof covering is inspected from on the roof whenever possible.
  • Exterior - Property grading and drainage, wall coverings, windows, doors, decks, porches, steps, railings, patios, walks. Garage door openers and auto reverse devices.
  • Plumbing - Interior waste and disposal systems are identified and evaluated.
  • Heating - Visible supply ducts and heating systems. Solid fuel heating devices, exterior of chimneys,visible flue linings and clearance to combustibles. Verify heat sources to habitable rooms.
  • Cooling - Outside air conditioners and heat pumps. (weather permitting)
  • Electrical - Inside and outside wiring, panel box wiring, accessible receptacles and switches, visible means of grounding.
  • Interiors - Walls, ceilings, floors, doors, windows, cabinets, counters, steps, handrails and fire wall separation of attached garages.
  • Insulation and ventilation - Types of insulation and a means of ventilation are explained.
  • Attached & Detached Garages - Buildings without a foundation are generally excluded from reporting.

In addition to the items required by the ASHI Standards, home inspection companies may include the following items in a home inspection at an additional fee.

  • Built-in appliances
  • Infestation inspections (Licensed and certified companies only)
  • Pools & Spas
  • Radon (testing and monitoring)
  • Septic (visual only)
  • Private water supply (Source and equipment are visually inspected)
  • Water potability sampling available
  • Environmental risk assessments (Visually identify potential environmental contaminants).

About the ASHI

The American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) was formed in 1976 as a non-profit professional societyto give home inspectors formal guidelines when performing a home inspection. ASHI has developed a professional Code of Ethics, a Standards of Practice and a stringent testing process for all members of the Society. Only those inspectors who have met these requirements are allowed to display the ASHI logo.

This professionalism gives assurance to consumers, sellers and real estate agents that they will receive a thorough, unbiased WRITTEN DISCLOSURE on the condition of the property prior to closing. Today ASHI is recognized in the U.S. and Canada as the leading authority in the home inspection industry.All inspections performed by ASHI members must meet specified minimum requirements as set forth by ASHI's Standards of Practice. Proven adherence to the Standards plus a continuing educational program is why ASHI inspectors are selected by most major relocation companies and ASHI inspectors have been recognized by HUD as meeting the requirements necessary for all FHA and VA inspections of existing homes. A copy of the Standards of Practice will be provided upon request by any member of ASHI or by writing to ASHI's national headquarters.

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